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Custom Thermoforming & Manufacturing

Premium Quality Products Made in the USA Since 1972


About Maier Manufacturing

Maier Manufacturing started in 1972 and focused primarily on using our thermoforming skills to produce our branded line of powersport products. Due to our success and growing capabilities, we expanded our services to OEMs in other industries, such as agriculture, construction, automotive, prisoner transport and medical equipment, offering them our experienced custom thermoforming abilities.

Thermoforming is an efficient technique that involves heating large thermoplastic sheets to an exact temperature and carefully placing it around a form. Once the sheet is in place, air is removed through a specialized vacuum force, allowing the plastic to conform to the precise shape of the mold. Then we use our 3D trimming tools to carefully remove any excess plastic.

Maier Manufacturing skillfully manages all the key processes related to thermoforming, such as 3D Scanning, CAD/CAM, Mold and Tooling Manufacturing, CNC Multi-Axis Routing, and Assemblies, allowing us to take a project all the way from concept to shipping.

Available Services

3D Scan

With 3D scanning, we can capture the actual, real world geometry of a product and turn that into a file we can use to design tooling. We do a full 360 scan, getting all sides and angles, and that gives us the ability to compare a part directly to its CAD model.

3d printing

3D Printing and Thermoforming are powerful technologies for prototyping on their own.
By using 3D printing to create the templates and then using thermoforming technology to rapidly produce copies from those templates, the advantages of both are exponentially increased.


The role of CAD in thermoforming is extensive and starts with our design phase. Our engineers and designers use CAD systems to create detailed products that meet your exact specifications.


The automation offered by our CNC robotics eliminates defects and reduces production time. With our CNC multi-axis routers we can make meticulous cuts and quickly trim even the largest parts.


Many of the thermoformed parts we make are complex and challenging. With CAM technology we can continually adjust feeds, speeds and cutting motions. Not only does this result in a better product, it reduces lead times so your job gets done faster.


Thermoforming is a cost-effective technique, especially for larger products. It also has a shorter production time and lower tooling costs when compared to injection molding. Maier uses a variety of materials to create products that meet almost any requirements, including heat resistance and FDA food-grade certifications.

Exceptional Quality

Maier Manufacturing offers experience, skill and the latest technology to provide you excellent quality and value for your projects. Our company is small enough to give you personalized attention, yet large enough to have the best equipment and the scale to take on any size project.

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